Ntc relaunched the service with the new system and new procedure. It is known that customers can send their balance in the range from Rs 10 to Rs 100 but the total no of transfer in a day can be maximum 5. Please find below how to transfer the balance in NTC GSM Prepaid. You can also find the procedure to get the security code needed for the transfer.

Previously subscribers need to put the balance amount in paisa for ex: 100 for Rs 1 but now subscribers can directly put 1 for Rs 1. The receiving number can be GSM prepaid or CDMA. This service will help a lot to the customers in dire need of balance.

If you have less balance, now you can also recharge your balance online. Read here for the process.

How to transfer a balance from GSM prepaid in Ntc?

 To transfer the balance from your GSM prepaid number in Ntc,

  • you need a security code (find the update to get the security code below).
  • After getting the security code, you need to dial *422*security Code*Phone No*Rs# (which is different than the old method).
  • The above service is now enabled for GSM prepaid numbers and the balance can also be sent to CDMA numbers (Sky numbers).

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Update: How to get the Security code in Ntc?

Ntc has resumed the process to get the security code from the message. Before, customers needed to visit Ntc office to get the security code.

Now Customers can easily get the security code from SMS

  • by sending a message scode to 1415.

Hope you find the easy process to get the security code for NTC numbers and also to transfer the balance. Sometimes there may be an issue with the security code reply (if you get no reply or an error message). In that condition, you may need to visit Nepal Telecom counters just once to get the security code and save it safely for all the transfer later.

If you could not get the security code from SMS, please make a visit to the NTC office counter, ask for the security code of your number, show your identification and they will send the security code in your mobile number itself.