Moving to Portugal – The Essential Tax and Financial Planning


Are you planning to move to or retire in Portugal?   There are obviously a number of steps you need to work though, not least deciding where you want to live, finding your new home here and deciding whether to sell your UK property. But don’t neglect these key wealth management steps:

  1. Apply for your Portugal residence visa
  2. Time your move to save tax
  3. Understand the tax implications of living in Portugal
  4. Apply for Portugal’s beneficial Non-Habitual Residence regime (if you’re eligible and it suits you)
  5. Structure your assets to minimise tax in Portugal
  6. Analyse your pension options
  7. Review your savings and investments
  8. Update your estate planning

If you’re already living here but have yet to review your wealth management, you’ll still need to work through steps 3 to 8.

Blevins Franks has been helping people move from the UK to Portugal, and advising expatriates living here, for decades now, giving them a wealth of experience.

With offices in both Portugal and the UK, they can guide you through the whole process, from your early planning stages in the UK, ensuring you do everything at the right time, throughout your retirement years in Portugal, and should you decide to return to the UK in future. They’ll also be able to help your heirs with receiving their inheritance from you, should that time come.

Blevins Franks provide holistic advice, covering:

  • How to apply for residence visas in Portugal and all the tax implications.
  • Portugal’s Non-Habitual Residence (NHR) regime, which offers 10 years of attractive tax benefits.
  • Reviewing your savings and investments to ensure they’re suitable for you today and set up to be as tax efficient as possible, as well as effective from an estate planning point of view. 
  • Guidance through the local succession regime and setting up your estate so that the right money goes to the right hands at the right time, with as little tax as possible.
  • Specialist advice on your UK pension options to help you make the most of your retirement savings.

Contact a Blevins Franks Advisor in Portugal.

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